R.I.P.D. Wraps, Ryan Reynolds Ready For The Sequel

As his quest to star in every comic book movie made continues, Ryan Reynolds has his sites set on his latest being a franchise.  Robert Schwentke‘s adaption of the Peter Lenkov graphic novel, R.I.P.D. has wrapped up production and Reynolds says he’s be on board for a sequel.

“Being on set was incredible, because it’s a movie project that I’ve been with for years and believed in. Being able to stick with it is half the battle.”
“I’m hoping to be able to work with all those people again. It could be a franchise. It certainly is set up, plot-wise, for a sequel. But nobody’s signed on for that just yet. We would like it to be [a film series.]”
Reynolds stars as the recently deceased police detective Nick Walker in the film that hits theaters until June 28, 2013. Here’s the synopsis:
Nick is dead — at least, that’s how he remembers it — and teams up with another deceased detective, a gunslinger from the Old West (played by Jeff Bridges), to work for the elite task force, the Rest In Peace Department (hence the title), to track down the dead on Earth. (Due to overpopulation, some unsettled spirits haven’t gone where they’re supposed to, and are hiding out). Technically, R.I.P.D. officers (who are overseen by Mary-Louise Parker) aren’t allowed to kill anyone living, and aren’t supposed to interact with anyone from their previous lives, but Nick is haunted by the fact that he was murdered by another cop (played by Kevin Bacon), and can’t let it go.
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