Stephen Amell Cast as Green Arrow in CW Pilot

And I’m guessing you, like me, are thinking, “Who!?” Stephen Amell may be an unknown to you and me, and probably most of the comic book crowd, but he’s a familiar face on the CW. He’s appeared on both The Vampire Diaries and 90210 and he’s had roles on Hung and Private Practice. Is the the kind of resume we want for the guy assuming the role of the emerald archer?

Hey, it’s not Justin Hartley, so that’s good news, right?

Actually, I’ve seen next to none of Hartley’s performace on Smallville. Maybe he would have been the better choice.

Either way, even with their title-character cast the CW’s Green Arrow pilot has a long way to go. At the moment the developing pilot has snagged David Nutter as a director and Andrew Kreisberg to write the script with Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. They’re still looking to cast other primary roles like Dinah Lance, who may or may not be Black Canary in the show, and Green Arrow’s nemesis, Merlyn.

I would love to have this show succeed because GA is one of my favorite heroes on DC’s roster, but I’m afraid they’ll be going in the direction of New 52 GA, of which I’m not a fan. And Kreisberg was responsible for the run of Black Canary/Green Arrow I really, really wanted to be good but in reality was really, really bad. But it might still be good, maybe? All right, I’m an eternal optimist, so shoot me.

What do you think of Amell as the choice for Oliver Queen?

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