While doing press for her recent flick, The Words, Zoe Saldana answered questions about a far more important project she has coming up, Star Trek 2. She chatted with Vulture about a bunch of things including the Spock/Uhura relationship and how excited she is to work with J.J. Abrams again. Saldana is really pumped to return as Uhura,

The film came out in 2009, we shot it in ‘07, and now it’s 2012. So yeah, around last year, I was like, ‘Come on, come on already,’ because I had such a wonderful time working with J.J. and the cast and doing science fiction, which is my biggest passion and my preference as an audience and as a reader, too. But when you’re around J.J. and you’re around [Avatar director] Jim Cameron, you sense that there’s this absolute consciousness that if they don’t focus on the quality of what they do, then their formula’s not going to work. That’s the one thing they have in common; they’re amazing storytellers, so J.J. probably would have fought for the time that he needed for the sequel.

What of the burgeoning relationship with Mr. Spock?

All I’m going to say is, if you put all the time and energy and wit into setting these two characters together in the first movie and didn’t follow through, it would be a shame.

The real shame is the lack of details, Zoe.

During the press junket she also talked with IndieWire. They just skipped the bullshit asking, “What lies can you tell me about the Star Trek sequel?”

It’s going to be boring. There’s no conflict between Kirk and Spock, they agree on everything! They’re beer buddies. And there are no bad guys. We’re just cruising in space.

While she is cagey with the details as least we know she’s excited to start again,

It’s wonderful because I’ve been dying to work with the cast again, to work with JJ. I love him so much. He’s such an amazing human being and such an amazing storyteller and a great director, so what more can I ask for? I start the year and I’m literally going back to a very familiar environment and being a part of a great story.

Production’s been happening for a few weeks now so hopefully soon we’ll be able to share some leaked set photos or a report, or anything, really. I’m dying for any news of Star Trek 2, what about you?

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