Dude Thinks He’s A Jedi And Gets Arrested

What happens when you put someone within range of toy lightsabers?  That person “becomes” a Jedi. Now, what happens when you put someone with a mental health disorder within range of toy lightsabers?  That person becomes a Jedi… duh!

33-year-old David Allen Canterbury went all out, double wielding toy lightsabers at a Toys R Us on Hayden Island last month.  He swung ’em at customers and eventually took ’em outside and brandished them some more at the police, who tried to use a Taser on the sillyass mofo.  But he turned out to be a badass mofo as he deflected the wire with the lightsaber.  Now that’s some serious skillz, yo.

The police were eventually able to wrestle the guy to the ground and take him into custody.  Looks like he’s getting 45 days in jail with a 2 year probation period.  He was also sentenced to a mental health evaluation, which may lead to one of his conditions being that he seeks mental health support.  Apparently dude was already seeking help and had been charged for heroin possession in the past, though the judge did not give him more time due to violating the probation of that particular conviction.

Oh, he’s also been banned from Toys R Us.  Of course.

The moral of the story is that people will think you’re crazy when, really, you’re a fuckin’ badass Jedi.

Source: Cinema Blend

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