Epic Rap Battles of History: Finally Leonidas & Master Chief Face Off

If you’re looking to lose long tracks of time might I suggest taking up a simple diversion. For me it’s alcoholism but I’m at my day job and the suits get annoyed when I drink I sing Night Rangers ‘Sister Christian’ while smashing empty whiskey bottles against the wall, pfft, suits. Luckily one of the greatest YouTube channels ever has entered it’s 2nd season, Epic Rap Battles of History is back!

They just dumped Leonidas vs Master Chief on the internet so ff you ever wondered who’s got better skillz hit the jump and find out.

Now Master Chief put forth a valiant effort with the Fabio Flintstone crack plus extra points for effective use of Lipton Tea but I am calling this one in Leonidas favour. Have you seen the posse he rolls with?

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