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ABOVE: The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will present The Princess Bride Quote-Along & Feaston February 14th. In conjunction with the event, they are launching their signature wine collection called The Bottle of Wits, featuring Inconceivable Cabernet and As You Wish White. The wines will debut at the Valentines Day event, then will be offered for sale to the public only through the end of 2012.

“The beer, an American pale ale, was made for a dystopian and post apocalyptic themed party.” Sadly, if you want your own bottle of Brow Sweat you’d have to brew your own. Or you can see what goods you could barter with homebrewer, Calum for a case. [ObviousWinner]


The Los Angeles Times put up a gallery of varied Dark Knight Rises toys including this Pop figure of Bane. I’d hug him if not for that goatsie facial apparatus.


Meet Mary Jose Cristerna, aka “The Vampire Woman,”. Where’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you need her. Hell, I’ll even settle for Eliza Douche canoe. This pile of mutilated flesh with fangs will haunt my dreams till next Tues.  [BuzzFeed]

Cosplayers MeltingMirror and HexReedfly pulled off one of, if not the most, elaborate cosplays I’ve ever seen. They spent many hour making up this dual costume from Final Fantasy XIII‘s Ediolon Shiva Sisters, Styria and Nix. I’ve got the weirdest boner. [TDW]


Segway-like vehicle for the disabled. Yea sure, the disabled.

The Chariot is Exmovere’s vision for the future of the mobility scooter. Like a Segway PT, it’s guided by movements in the hips and lower torso to signal direction and speed. As a result, users have both hands available for other tasks. [DVICE]


eFX, which has acquired worldwide rights to create Marvel collectibles, plans to reveal its new line of Marvel collectibles in the first quarter of 2012, and to display the first collectible prop replicas from the upcoming Marvel film The Avengers at WonderCon in Anaheim, Calif., from March 16 to March 18.

Included in its initial line-up of limited-edition Marvel collectibles are expected to be Captain America shield, Thor’s hammer and a full-scale Iron Man Mark V mask. As fans worldwide anxiously await the May 4 theatrical release of The Avengers.

I totally want Thor’s hammer, solely so I can run around in my underoos (and nothing else) whilst the Mighty Thor TV cartoon intro plays over my computer speakers. Verily.


OMG, check out this cute two-faced kitten.Naturally, he was named Harvey Dent, after the Batman villain known for his double features. The cat’s two heads function as a single unit. When one side “meows” the other opens its mouth, same with the feeding. Adorable.  [GAS]


Bethesda is preparing to launch the Skyrim Creation Kit, which will allow players to create Skyrim mods using the same tools that helped Bethesda developers build the game, and they’ve released a preview video to show what the Kit can do.

..and this is why Bethesda is the best game developers of all time. *..of all time.*  [TDW]


Vocalizing maestro/Youtuber Nmckaig. does The Simpsons theme A Capella Style…by himself.


Luigi and Waluigi get acquainted over a meal and things get weeeiiirrrd. You’d think the two plumbing sidekicks would have a lot in common, but no, definitely not. [Dorkly]


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