The Munsters Reboot Boots out Classic Title

NBC has been planning to bring back from the dead, the beloved classic sitcom, “The Munsters”. Of course, rumor around the NBC water cooler is that instead of being titled “The Munsters” it will instead be changed to “Mockingbird Lane”. Re-boots of classic shows tend to keep the title of what they’re re-making, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this show. Yet this change in title, along with the revamping of the story line from the inside out, may make this a show you won’t particularly recognize.

The title switch isn’t completely made up from some tangent, but is an homage to the street in which the Munster family resides. It still seems odd to me that they would make such a drastic title change for a re-boot, but hopefully the characters and plot of the story don’t change so drastically that it becomes a sci-fi version of “The Desperate Housewives”. If so I think I will have to take an old tv outside and “put it down” Old Yeller style. At this point, I can’t handle another disappointment in the world of Television. I mean they already took Eureka, and Pushing Daisies away from me. What could be next!?!

Outside of the tangent for my television joys of yester-moment, the people set to helm the newly titled Munster reboot is non-other than Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daises fame and Bryan Singer, producer and director of X-Men.  Currently, the pilot is in the casting stage, and no actors have been announced to be part of the project.

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