The infinite amount of videos available on the web can make a person feel like they don’t have enough eyeballs on their face to ingest the Youtube, Collegehumor, and viral videos available. But today, we’re making it one step easier for you, we ‘ve just received word of what looks to be the best of all your zombie wet-dreams put into an animated web-series. “Zombie Murder Explosion Die!”, built by the creative minds at Sonic Bunny Productions this web-series is said to feature all the things we love about the zombie apocalypse and takes out all the chit chat that we don’t.

This trailer, released as part of the line-up of web-series’ set to feature this season, seems portray the show as a parody and over-dramatizes the zombie-apocalypse in a way that makes it more comical than scary. The show’s plot synopsis is as follows:

“ZMED guarantees each of the things in its title in every episode! Zombies, Murder, Explosions, and Death!
Lots and lots of zombie death! What’s not to like, right?

The series follows our tech-addicted teens as they epically fail their way through a zombie apocalypse. We have no idea how these guys are surviving cause zombies are mean motherf*ckers! And our guys have no survival skills…well, except for Jack.” –

The first episode of the series is set for release, February 6th. So take a look at this new video if you have the chance, seeing as The Walking Dead won’t be back on until February 12th this show will give you something else to crave your zombie needs.

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