Famous Actors Reimagined as Super Heroes

Have you ever put in your mind a dream cast of actors who would just be perfect as a certain superhero because of their physical features? Artist Alex Tuis has done just that, with the release of a set of Marvel inspired artworks of the dream cast to a non existent film. Here is a description from Alex Tulis’ Blog on the inspiration for his pieces:

“I had always dreamed that one day we could see a Marvel Super Hero movie.

Now we have the Spider-Man movies, the X-Men movies, Thor and now the Avengers. But they don’t have my dream cast.

I hope you will enjoy this original take on these famous characters.”

Alex Tuis is a very seasoned artist, and has done concept art for big names such as Tim Burton, and Michael J. Basset just to name a couple. So when you take a look at some of these pieces you should not be surprised at the high quality of detail he puts for both the character and the actor playing a certain superhero. My personal favorite work from this collection is Professor X from X-Men…I won’t reveal what famous actor plays him, but you’ll definitely get a good laugh out of it.

Which is your favorite, and who would you add to this eclectic cast of heroes?

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