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We like to think of this as the Super Bowl of cosplay. Oh sure it has next to nothing to do with football and happens every week but, well… don’t ruin this for us. It’s time for another installment of Sexy Cosplay of the Week!

Well my rowdy friends, let’s make a run for the border. This week it’s Mexico’s own Daireth.

Part of a cosplay duo, the New Age Dignity, Daireth is the very very muy caliente. With her ability to wow an audience and her natural drop dead allure, she’s almost too good to be true. Take a glance at pieces like Daireth’s Zombie killer original and be prepared for some big guns. No really, she’s carrying a big gun.

Daireth is a hard hitter in cosplay, with a very wide range in her cosplay arsenal. From her very mature take on Naruto‘s Sakura Haruno to her gender-bending Yagami Light of Death Note, the gal has a gift people.

Hit the jump and get ready to exclaim ¡Aycaramba!

Had she posed near or in a biblioteca, I could have used all my knowledge of the Spanish language here.

Check out more of Daireth at her shared Devianart and Facebook pages or follow Daireth on Twitter.

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