Why Kevin Smith Said No To ‘Before Watchmen’

While the fires started by DC Comics making the news about prequels to The Watchmen still rage all over the internet, the website that first tossed the match into the gasoline still churns out the news. Bleeding Cool‘s Rich Johnston was the comic worlds Billy Joel, since he started this fire… and… um… the crap, why did I just write that? Fridays. Let’s move on.

So, Johnston caught up with one of the heavy hitters that was rumored part of this controversial plan. Movie maker and comic geek Kevin Smith. You didn’t see his name linked to any of the prequel books since he gave DC a big fat ‘NO’ when asked.

“Talked to Jim [Lee] and Dan [DiDio] about it two years ago. Only passed because I’m not Alan Moore, sadly. If I was Alan Moore, I’d be all over it. As Kevin Smith, I’d likely just make Bubastis “big pussy” jokes and have Rorschach wet himself. Hurm.”

As you can see, Smith is towing the fanboy line on this one (and poking a little fun at his own controversial writing choices). You really have to give him credit too, DC would have backed a truck load of money on to his doorstep to be part of the dream team of writers and artists that are on the projects. Having his name blazoned on the cover might have helped add some creditably in nerd culture but he turned it down.

As the comic world polarizes over this issue, we know where Smith stands.

Oh, you maybe right, he maybe crazy….


Source: Bleeding Cool

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