Both Byran Fuller and Bryan Singer have expressed interest in reviving Star Trek on the little screen before. And while J.J. Abrams has made Star Trek a hit movie franchise again it is a little strange not following the adventures of the Enterprise crew on a weekly basis. There’s been no Trek on TV since 2005 with the cancellation of Enterprise. Could now be the time for new Star Trek television series?

Apparently that’s the hope of the two Bryans. Fuller recently spoke to Ain’t It Cool News and they’re reporting,

…the two Bryans, who have long (but separately) contemplated new “Star Trek” TV series, have discussed the possibility of pooling their resources to take a new corner of Gene Roddenberry’s multiverse to the small screen.

At the moment Fuller and Singer are both involved in the reboot of The Munsters for CBS, which was recently announced with the new title, Mockingbird Lane. If the show’s a hit it might give the Bryans the in they need to bring Star Trek back to television.

So, now it’s our turn to start speculating about what a new Star Trek series could be about? I don’t think we’d be following the crew of the Enterprise since I’m sure their adventures will be kept to the silver screen for some time. Rumors of a show following cadets at Star Fleet has been floating around the web for some time, that’d be a viable and hopefully interesting premise.

It says they’re interested in exploring a, “new corner of Gene Roddenberry’s mulitverse,” so what do you think it could be? They’ve got plenty of options in this vast universe.

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