Tomorrow The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular comes to Melbourne in an event described as, “a musical celebration with the Doctor on the big screen and a host of live monsters including Daleks, Cybermen and The Silence invading the venue.” So really it’s just a night where an orchestra performs the music of Doctor Who while people dressed as Who monsters roam the theatre. A fantastic evening out if you ask me.

And why is this of interest? Because Steven Moffat has written the show’s brief forward,

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is coming. In Cardiff, we’re gearing up for the biggest, the best and the most ambitious season we’ve ever made. There will be shocks, surprises and heartbreak – the Doctor is about to say goodbye to his very best friends, Amy and Rory.

And then he’s about to say hello to someone very different – the Doctor is going to meet someone very new in the very last place he could ever have expected…

This, of course, has Whovians scrambling to decode whatever kind of secret message The Moff might have hidden in these few sentences. Remember, the man’s a genius and unmatched at playing games with his fans, could there be hidden meaning to these words?

As you can read, there’s another mention of the heartbreaking farewell expected between the Doctor and the Ponds. Oh, how I am not looking forward to that. But there’s also a brief mention of the Doctor’s new companion, expected to be revealed next season. Particularly the bit about meeting them, “in the very last place he could ever have expected.” Hmm…what could that mean?

Season seven of Doctor Who should begin production soon, and once that happens I expect we’ll learn more and more very quickly as set reports and photos leak out.

What do you think we can expect next season on Doctor Who?

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