Pull out your bullshit-detector because this rumor smells a little off.

io9 shared this doozy in their morning wrap-up of spoilers but it comes from Spoiler TV, who originally found it on one of The Walking Dead ‘s largest fan forums, Roamers and Lurkers. It comes from a user who claims to be a member of the production team. Already my bullshit-detector is beeping, but let’s continue anyway.

To start with they provided a quick summary of this coming Sunday’s episode, “Nebraska,” (Watch the first four minutes here!) and it seems within the realm of possibility. So far.

Hershel goes into town to a bar to drown his sorrows with alcohol, Rick and Glenn go after him.
They find him drinking long story short, 2 guys walk in out of nowhere and essentially fake being nice all along wanting to know where they are staying so they can go raid and rape etc. Rick pretty much goes cowboy on em and kills em both. Hershel has a new found admiration for him after this. Anyway after awhile a bunch of people come looking for their friends and finally find out and there is a fire fight between Rick’s people and the others, many of them.

Hershel getting drunk. Can’t say I saw it coming, but all right, I’ll buy it. We did see a short preview scene of Rick and Hershel somewhere that could have been a bar and two strangers show up. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see Rick go “cowboy” on some dudes.

But this isn’t the major spoiler. If you think you’ll have regrets after reading what might be exactly what happens in the midseason premiere, stop now.

Of course, if you’re a fan of the comic book I bet you can guess where this is heading. We’ve only been expecting it since day one.

Shane does not make it through the season, essentially Lori puts into his head that if Rick wasn’t around they would still be together. This makes Shane change AGAIN, (he had finally made peace and Lori fucked him up again). Anyway he decides to kill Rick and lures him into the forest chasing after someone you will meet in “Nebraska”. Of course Rick isn’t stupid he realizes nothing is adding up and tries to give Shane a chance to abandon his plans. Believe it or not Rick loves Shane like a brother, anyway he finally calls Shane on it and Shane basically tells him how Carl and Lori will get over his death. Shane has a gun pointed at Ricks face and seconds away from shooting, when Rick starts to negotiate his way out of it, all along pulling a knife out. Long story short he lunges at Shane and buries the knife in his chest.

This then leads to Shane gettin’ zombified followed by Carl shooting him, killing him for good.

So, there you have it. And I’ve gotta say that if this is the route they take in adapting Shane’s death from comic to television, I’m disappointed. Again, if you’ve read the comic, Rick doesn’t kill Shane and Shane doesn’t become a zombie. Carl shoots Shane, killing him, because Shane was two-seconds away from going full-on crazy and killing Rick. I always wondered if the television show would shy away from the fact an 8-year-old kid shoots a man in the head and it seems they did. What a cop-out turning Shane into a zombie then having Carl kill him. All I’m saying is if they found that concept too much for TV then they’re going to have a hell of time adapting what comes next.

The forum post goes on to explain how this will affect Rick,

All this causes Rick to slowly change into a Shane if you will, believe me the show is going somewhere so crazy that Shane’s death will not even be a burden, he served his purpose by helping Ricks character transform.

And while, yes, I’ll agree Rick changes, a lot, as the series progressed I don’t think he simply changes into Shane. I think they chose to keep Shane around longer in the television show so we can see how cool-headed Rick can be, and continues to be even when the survivors have bigger and bigger shit storms to handle. And Rick does go off the deep-end from time to time but the reason he remains leader through all of this is he can think clearly when needed.

All right, so there are my thoughts on this rumor. I’m still calling bullshit on the whole premise, but what do you think? Is what this guy says possible? Or likely?

We’ll all find out for sure this Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

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