As we inch closer and closer to the release date, July 3rd is going to be a very interesting day for fans of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. How will Marc Webb‘s reboot fair against the much loved (except for the last one) Sam Rami movies? Well some people already have a good idea. Sony Pictures did a worldwide sneak peak in 13 cities Monday showing off 6 minutes of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man. Live satellite feeds in Los Angeles, New York City, Rio de Janeiro and London with cast and crew on hand to talk about the movie.

If you’re like me and no where near any place that held one of these sneak peeks you’re left to just scour the net for scrapes and synopsis from the preview. In short, it sounds like most of it was favorable – with only few comparisons to the still fresh Rami films.

Webb is giving us a seemingly darker take on the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko web slinging everyday teenager. A clear difference from the Rami films is that Peter Parker is now a fugitive from the police, hunted by the law, even seen in hands cuffs surrounded by cops with their guns drawn at one point. For action, there is a breathtaking (so I’ve read) scene with Spidey diving off a radio tower as it collapses, deftly grabbing a hold of a building amid a shower of broken glass and debris followed by the requisite leap at the audience in 3-D. The Lizard (for what little you see) shown to be much more savage and vicious compared to Rami’s campier Green Goblin. Of course I am paraphrasing, since Sony didn’t have a sneak peek where I am, not that I am bitter.

Hit the jump for some examples of what people who actually got to see it thought, plus some new pics!

Peter Sciretta from /Film:

Many of Spider-Man effects were performed and shot practically. The web-swinging sequences look amazing, especially in 3D. Even the computer rendered versions of Spidey flying through buildings look 10 steps above the amazing web-swinging sequences from the Raimi trilogy.

The love interest has switched from Kirsten Dunst‘s Mary Jane (who was in love with Spider-Man) to Emma Stone‘s Gwen Stacey (who is more in love with Peter Parker). Part of the sizzle reel is the scene shown at comic con where Peter kinda sorta asks Gwen out on a date — this moment feels so real, right and natural. Stone and Garfield have incredible chemistry. A magical moment like this and the connection it brings has to come to play when the action and drama begins. I think this is director Marc Webb’s largest gift to the reboot — giving moviegoers the chance to connect emotionally with the characters, in a way that other superhero films have rarely attempted.

The stakes are more personal — with Stacy’s father heading the man hunt for the costumed vigilante and Doctor Connors (aka The Lizard) having a connection to Parker’s parents. There is a moment that was in the reel and you’ll see in the trailer where the topic of Spider-Man is being discussed at the Stacey dinner table — Peter defends Spidey telling Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) that he thinks Spider-Man is doing what the police can’t. Stacy doesn’t take this well — this relationship, a triangle of sorts, adds a very interesting new dynamic to The Amazing Spider-Man.

It feels darker and more realistic (while Raimi’s films perfectly captured the classic comics, Webb’s film captures the more modern/contemporary feel of the Ultimate editions) but still nails the comedy from the comics (for example, how Spider-Man plays around with a carjacker before capturing him). There are shots that look like they were ripped right out of the Todd McFarlane-era comics, with Spidey crouched down in signature style on top of a massive spider-web.

The one thing I’m still not sure about (and forgot to discuss in the video blog above) is that villain, a completely computer generated version of The Lizard. The filmmakers cleverly choose shots that kept the character obscured in the action, which may or may not be stylistically how he is presented in the film. I’m still waiting to see more before I make any judgements.

I left the theater more impressed with what I had seen than I did with the reveal of Christopher Nolan’s prologue for The Dark Knight Rises. I’m very excited to see the final film, although I’m already getting nervous that I’ve seen too much from the 8 minute sizzle reel. I’m not going to describe what was shown in detail because you can probably find a detailed rundown somewhere else online and because its better to experience it yourself.

Also worth checking into, Comic Book Movie’s Josh Wildings take and what Edward Douglas from Superhero Hype thought.

The good news is, the rest of us won’t have to wait long. The trailer is being released tonight at midnight (PST) and I am going to sit here pounding Red Bulls so I can bring it to you when it hits. Till then? Here’s some new photos that were released earlier on the official Amazing Spider-Man website to hold you over.


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