Before the hit AMC TV show, before the countless trades and over 90 comic books and counting, The Walking Dead was a humble little zombie tale created by two long time friends, Robert Kirkman and and artist Tony Moore.  The first six issues were drawn by Moore and he hung around to do the covers for another 18 before moving on. I guess that’s about when things went south. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Moore is suing Kirkman now, claming that back in 2005 he started a plot to trick him into signing over his copyright interests and swindle him out of money related to the comic book properties meteoric success.

Moore is not saying he hasn’t been paid, he just doesn’t think he’s been paid enough. Purportedly the agreement said that Moore would be able to view profit statements to make sure he was being fairly compensated for his work on the comic book and also included at small slice of any movie proceeds that should arise. Notice the lack of any mention of TV rights? According to Moore, he new about a TV deal in ’05 but was told that if he didn’t sign over the rights, the deal might collapse, and therefore tricked him out of any money from the now hit AMC TV show.

Beyond that, Moore questions the money he has received since he alleges he’s never really got to look at any financial records, “indeed, they have not issued a single statement or allowed access to their books and records in accordance with the reporting obligations of the agreement.”

Kirkmans lawyer say? He called it “totally frivolous. Mr. Moore is owed no money at all. And Mr. Moore’s contract has an attorneys’ fees clause in it so we will be going after him to collect attorneys’ fees. We are taking this matter very seriously.”


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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