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It’s Friday and that means its time for all things cosplay! Our weekly dose of  Sexy Cosplay of the Week takes you on an international type ride at treats you to the talents of Italy’s own MiciaGlo

Italy, a country steeped in history. From Rome to the Renascence to race cars it has always been a wondrous land. Just, they were lacking in really good cosplay… that is until MiciaGlo burst onto the scene. This Italian enchantress has everything at her disposal to become one of the best in the business. From her ability to shine in any character to her delicate and shapely frame. Check out MiciaGlo’s sublime takes on anime and videogames for yourself and be amazed. From the gun packing Yoko of the mech smashing Gurren Lagann to Final Fantasy VII‘s knuckle brawling Tifa Lockhart. This is one bella donna worth the travel for.

Hit the jump for best thing out of Italy since the Leonardo Da Vinci invented pizza (thank you Wikipedia).

For more, check out her Deviant Art page and website.

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