The costumes of DC ComicsNew 52 caused quite an uproar among fans. Do you remember all the outrage over Wonder Woman putting on pants!? Pretty much across the board the new designs were panned, many saying the whole universe took a trip back to the 90s with these dated looking costumes.

Well, yesterday they revealed new costumes for the heroes of Earth-2; specifically Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the cover of Earth Two #1, and Power Girl and Huntress on the cover of World’s Finest #1. I’ll warn you, these might be difficult to look upon. I found elements to be quite disturbing.

Seriously, I take back any complaint I had about Superman and Batman losing their briefs on the outside look because thank God they’re not wearing these costumes. Batman looks like he’s incorporated a tuxedo motif with spiky shoulders? I just don’t get it. Something about Superman’s belt looks familiar?  Oh right, it looks exactly like a style choice in DC Universe Online. Were they cycling through video game costume options to create these?

And don’t and even get me started on Wonder Woman’s skirt and thigh high boots. If that doesn’t scream 90s, I don’t know what does.

I kind of feel bad for absolutely despising these costumes because the cover comes from Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. I’ve loved their work on Aquaman, it’s such a beautiful book, but this? Guys, at least I can say you did a nice job with the shitty task assigned to you.

All right, the next cover is the one that made thousands of fanboys cry out, “NOOOOOOO!” Power Girl’s boob window, is closed.

I’m going to come off like a HUGE hypocrite, but you’ll just have to hear me out. Huntress’ costume, which we’ve already been seeing in Paul Levitz’s mini-series, I love. Particularly because that stupid belly window is gone. I think Power Girl’s new costume looks terrible, and I miss her boob window.

Now I’m betting you’re flustered, flabbergasted, and out right exhausted with confusion. We women can be so fickle. Why do I like one costume for covering up and not the other? For Huntress, a giant open window on your abdomen is like a target painted over your vital organs. She’s human and she’s fighting gangsters with guns, you’re going to be shot and you easily could die. It was just silly. If you’re basically a female Batman, have some sense and armor yourself from head to toe. Power Girl is not human. She can stand up to bullets and worse, so exposed skin isn’t a death wish.

That’s my practical reason, this is my more personal reason. I’m a fairly large-busted lady, and it’s something I’ve struggled with ever since they developed. I was always such a tomboy when I was younger and once puberty and breasts showed up it was impossible to be accepted as one of the boys anymore. I’ve grown up and come to terms with that. Adolescence is awkward for everyone and you eventually become comfortable with who you are., but who isn’t constantly mocked by their own insecurities? When you’ve got big boobs you’re stared at, people think you’re easy or looking for attention. And believe me, being the nerdy girl I am extra attention is never what I wanted. So much so I would do whatever I could to cover up.

Then there’s Peej.

She’s got these huge tits, but they’re out there and she doesn’t give a single fuck. Why? Because she’s Power Girl and if you’re lost staring at her boobs she will knock your block off. She’s so confidant, so powerful, no one would think to label her a slut. For me, Power Girl’s my bosom hero. She’s who I look to to remind myself to be comfortable with who I am. I’m not defined by my boobs, but they’re a part of me and I should be proud of them. I’m not going to grab the scissors and start cutting windows in all my t-shirts, but seeing her so unafraid of what people think is inspiring.

So the new costume is a bit of a downer. Not to mention ugly. I never minded her costume being white, but now that it covers so much of her it’s too much. Looks like a ski suit. The cape/bib is awful. I know they’re trying to finally give her some kind of emblem, but too little too late DC. Gold gauntlets and boots? Tacky. I miss that there’s no blue in her costume anymore.

I’m not overly worried, though. Chris Sims at Comics Alliance points out other times Peej’s costume has been altered and it always comes back to her classic look. He also points out how her new look is uncannily similar to Rob Liefeld and Alan Moore’s Supreme, so maybe once DC notices they’ll have to scrap it.

What do you think of all this costumed nonsense? Are you planning to pick up either Earth Two or World’s Finest?

I’ll definitely be getting World’s Finest, no matter what the chicks are wearing. Especially when I noticed it appears Huntress used to be Robin back on Earth-2! WHA!? DC recognizing a girl Robin!? Who’d of thunk?

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