Movies based on video games have very rarely been good. There are so many bad adaptations that game fans now wince when a studio decides to make bank on a recognizable/beloved franchise. Hell, I still haven’t recovered from the atrocious  Super Mario Bros.(1993) starring Bob Hoskins and John Legiozamo. With that said,  here’s some video game movies news that I’m sure will have you stroking your chin in curious satisfaction. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures have signed a reported 7-figure deal with Brian Taylor, to write and direct a movie based on the hugely popular Twisted Metal video game.

So, Taylor, the director who has worked with life long friend Mark Neveldine on the Crank movies and the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has been pegged to direct an adaptation of the game franchise based on underground fight to the death matches in which combatants use armored cars tricked out with missiles, machine guns, mines and the like? Curious indeed!

Its about time they adapted this into a movie. I mean come on, fast cars, explosions and homicidal combatants? What the hell took you so long Hollywood? Anyway, considering the insane, pulse-pounding source material and given Sony has signed a director who’s equally loco, I couldn’t be more happy.

Deadline went onto say that characters like the manipulative race organizer Calypso and popular contestants like the homicidal clown Needles Kane in his killer ice cream truck Sweet Tooth and the masked Doll Face are reported to be included in the story.

Source: Deadline


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