Apparently it’s necessary to jump on the fairy tale bandwagon the moment someone decides to do some sort of live action rendition of a classic Disney film. We saw it happen with Snow White, and now we’ll have two being released relatively close to each other in time this year.

Now, we’ll watch it happen with Beauty and the Beast.  The musical is doing its tours this spring/summer, Disney just released a 3D version of the film, the CW is remaking the old TV series, a French director is making a movie, and now Warner Bros. is out to make a movie.  Really?

Guillermo Del Toro will direct this beast (heh heh), and Andrew Davies will write the screenplay.  When rumors were swirling around about this months ago, Del Toro was on board as a producer.  Looks like he’s been promoted, but nobody has any idea why.  In this case, he won’t be able to start filming until early next year since he’s got other shit on his plate at the moment.

The only clear difference between the other efforts and this one is that apparently Emma Watson is in the mix.  There will have to be pretty damn significant differences between the movies and the TV series that are suddenly popping up, but how different can these things be before it seems like they’re just exploiting the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon?

What do you guys think about this lack of Hollywood originality?

Source: /Film

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