Smith Teases About ‘Who’ Series 7… Between Theater Talk

- 02-14-12TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

The U.K.’s The Guardian recently got the chance to sit down with The Doctor’s current incarnation in the form of actor Matt Smith, and in between a lot of boring talk about the British theater scene, they discussed what really matters: Doctor Who series 7.

“I start filming Doctor Who on 20th February and I’m very excited,” said Smith. “It’s a long shoot but we’ve got four or five scripts which looks in really good shape.” Smith said.

Obviously, Smith couldn’t talk a lot about details – he mimed a gun to his head to show just how much he can’t talk about it – but Smith did hint that there’s one piece of big casting news coming… that he also can’t talk about. “The casting is going very well,” he added. “I got a lovely bit of news this morning about someone who’s going to be in it. I couldn’t possibly tell you but it’s exciting. You’ll know him … Or her.”

What about shooting conditions, what are those like? “In one of the scripts, a lot of it is outdoors,” he explains. “But there are worst ways to spend your evenings than being the Doctor and having monsters run down streets that there shouldn’t be monsters on.”

You can watch the Smith interview below, and fast-forward through all the theater stuff till around the six minute mark. Also, get a load of Matt Smith looks like when he’s not filming Who. Despite the Animal sweater, it turns out bow ties really are cool.

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