Telltale Games released three screenshots from their upcoming video game based on the popular comic book and hit AMC TV series, The Walking Dead.  The game has an impressive graphic style, and hopefully the game play will follow suit, offering new and interesting ways to explore and survive the world of The Walking Dead

Telltale also announced a nine-part online talk show called “Playing Dead,” which will give us some insight into the making of the game including some cool behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. The show will feature guests such as Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead creator), and The Book of Eli Screenwriter and Gears of War writer Gary Whitta, who is a story consultant for the game.

Robert Kirkman went on to say:

“Collaborating with Telltale on The Walking Dead continues to be a fantastic process. They understand the world and the characters that I created and what it takes to make a game out of them. What’s really exciting is that they’re telling a new story with new characters, so you’ll get to see the same world Rick Grimes did, but now from a different point of view,”

Playing Dead is going to be an awesome way for fans to learn about the game and how it was made. It makes sense that Telltale are talking to people in this unique way because The Walking Dead is going to be a unique zombie game.”

This NerdBastard is hoping that the character one plays will go beyond the normal adult male or female that most games use. Wouldn’t it be interesting to play a younger child like Rick’s son Carl? Even if one wasn’t as strong or fast, imagine the difficulty of playing the older Hershel or Dale. Everyone is gonna want to make a Rick, Shane, or the sword swinging Michonne character.

What do you think? A large MMO of a Zombie Infected world where you team up with survivors or maybe join that biker gang that roams the road, taking whatever they can by force, or maybe you try to return law and order to a world gone wild?

This NerdBastard is looking forward to this game.

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