So, is Tim Burton still cool for being weird and quirky? Sure it’s his signature style, but he’s been beating that spikey haired stripped sock wearing dead horse since the 80’s. See, Fox recently premiered the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield, IL. (naturally) and Burton had a small video intro for the event that you can watch after the jump. (PLUS some behind the scenes footage!)

Oooookay. So, the audio is out of sync on purpose. Weird cuts to pointless people dressed in a quasi-Victorian styled garb for no apparent reason.  It’s snowing? Was I suppose to laugh at the werewolf/Prince Charles joke? Is that suppose to make me want to see the movie or wonder about the level of medication Burton should be taking.

Anyway, here’s the promised behind the scenes footage.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter stars Benjamin Walker as Lincoln, features Mary Elizabeth WinsteadAlan TudykAnthony Mackie,Rufus SewellDominic Cooper, and Erin Wasson, just to name a few. It opens on June 22nd.

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