Whedon Talks About ‘Cabin in the Woods’ (For a Change)

- 02-16-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

We all know that Joss Whedon is the mastermind/filmmaker behind one of the most anticipated films (ever?) of the year. But The Avengers isn’t all that Whedon’s got going on in the next couple of months, as the film he co-wrote and co-produced, the horror flick Cabin in the Woods, is (finally) being released in a couple of months. Whedon’s now talking about it to one of our local internet sites about his inspiration for the film.

“It’s basically a very loving hate letter,” he told Total Film. “On some level it was completely a lark, me and [director] Drew [Goddard] trying to figure out what the most fun we could have would be. On another level it’s a serious critique of what we love and what we don’t about horror movies.”

Fanboys and girls will remember that Whedon’s greatest triumph (so far), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was a kind of critique of horror movies, and despite his criticism, Whedon still loves the genre.

“I love being scared. I love that mixture of thrill, of horror, that objectification/identification thing of wanting definitely for the people to be all right but at the same time hoping they’ll go somewhere dark and face something awful,” he said. “The things that I don’t like are kids acting like idiots, the devolution of the horror movie into torture porn and into a long series of sadistic comeuppances. Drew and I both felt that the pendulum had swung a little too far in that direction.”

We’ll see how hard Whedon swung when The Cabin in the Woods is released in theaters in April 13th in 2-D and 3-D cinemas.

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