Recently we’ve been talking a lot about Episode I, what with its new 3D release and all, and almost universally there is one thing everyone agrees upon as being the best part of The Phantom Menance: Darth Maul. Sure, he’s on screen for something like 20 minutes and is then, somewhat laughably, cut in half and sent down an exhaust shaft, but when you look back at Episode I trying to rationalize why you might have, at one point in time, liked it, you pull out, “Darth Maul was cool.”

And he was, still is, cool. And he’s back. Friday, March 9th Darth Maul returns on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We’ve learned so much about Maul since Episode I. We’ve learned about his planet, Dathomir and the clans of warrior Nightbrothers and Nightsister witches. We’ve learned he has brothers, Savage Opress and Feral, and now Savage and Maul are having a family reunion.

Maul is voiced by Sam Witwer of Being Human fame and while yes, I’m slightly disappointed Ray Park couldn’t record just a few more lines what I’ve heard of Witwer is perfect. Besides, Park was Maul because he had the moves, that’s slightly less necessary in animation. [Edit: Oops, as a commentor below points out, Park didn’t record Maul’s voice, but rather Peter Serafinowicz provided the voice-over in Episode I. Mea culpa.] Below you can check out a video of Witwer discussing what direction their taking Maul in as well as him recording along with Clancy Brown (Savage Opress). Oh, and a tiny snippet of a clip.

Crazy Maul sounds awesome! I love the idea he’s become this deranged madman hellbent on revenge against Obi-wan. It’s genius, and Witwer brings not only a great voice talent but a lot of his own great ideas. Witwer is no stranger to Star Wars, either. A self-professed fan he’s also voiced The Son in “The Mortis Trilogy” on Clone Wars as well as Starkiller in The Force Unleashed.

I can’t wait for Maul’s return, how about you?

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