After the shows very rocky accident filled start, she was fired. This lead to the previously reported suit and counter suit between her and the shows producers. Now former Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark director Julie Taymor can finally put the ugly mess behind her. The New York Times is reporting that the lawsuit has been settled and to sooth Taymor’s tortured soul, she will be paid $10,000, per week, every week that the multi-million dollar show runs and seeing as the show is still selling out week after week, that’s going to be awhile.

Let’s do some math. On average the show earns around $1 million per week, making it the most profitable show on Broadway right now. Popular shows stay on Broadway for years, so when it’s all said and done, Taymor could easily rake in a million or more. Not to shabby for getting fired after a few weeks of work.

How do the producers, Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, feeling about signing all those checks?

 “We are very happy to have reached an amicable compromise with the SDC that will allow us all to move on,” the pair said in a joint statement reported by The New York Times. “Now we can focus our energies on providing an amazing entertainment experience for our audiences, who have come to see the show in record numbers and made it a tremendous hit.”

So, if anyone has any connections on Broadway, I am totally willing to mess up and almost derail a $75 Million dollar production. For the record I would also be totally willing to settle for just $5 grand a week.

Think of the money you’d save Broadway!

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