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It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve got nothing of interest to kick off your weekend shenanigans in style. How about a weekly dose of Cosplay action? Kill that “Mid-Friday-Oh-My-Lord-When-Will-It-End” slump with Nerd Bastard‘s weekly Sexy Cosplay of the Week. Turn that pencil pushing, keyboard banging, and cubical chair spinning into something a little more “wrist related” with America’s own Mostflogged.

Describing herself as a “part time Cosplayer, full time nerd”, Mostflogged may very well be the best thing to come out of the big apple since George Carlin. This native New Yorker has a gift for Cosplay . . . and the assets to back it up. Her robust figure, radiant feminine charm, and vicious right hook proves she’s a knockout. Take a ten count, your not getting back up.

One look at Mostflogged’s ability to mentally camouflage herself within the character at her disposal, from the telekinetic Marvel mutant Psylocke to everyone’s favourite blue haired Pokemon character Officer Jenny and one knows that this Cosplayer goes to eleven. Some people say there is more to life then Cosplay, but when one looks as delectable as Mostflogged it’s hard to find a reason to go outside.

Hit the jump for sweetest piece of pie next to a New York pizza slice.

Check out Mostflogged’s Deviantart, Tumblr (contains NSFW, ask your parents first) and Cosplay Cure for more.

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