The Walking Dead Recap: Triggerfinger

Before the season premiere last week I was dead certain that the survival of the Walking Dead, both the show and the characters, centered around them getting off Herschel’s farm. After last week I was convinced that the show was headed in that direction. Guess what, other than Rick, Glen and Herschel being locked in the bar still and Lori being trapped in the car she rolled, the band of survivors are still down on the farm. Thing is, it’s getting good. Damn good even.

We ended last week with Rick gunning down two questionable survivors from another group in the bar that Herschel had decided to drink his worries away in and Lori flipping her car in the middle of the day on a completely empy highway. Plus, we still have Shane’s eventual brake down on the horizon plus the Glenn/Maggie budding romance to deal with. We get that an more this week in an extremely entertaining episode, maybe even the best of the season. In the first half of the second season, love it or hate it, the show was dragging its heals. Here’s where it brakes out and runs.

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I still don’t like Lori. Not just because she cheated on Rick with Shane and had the whole baby/pills debate. I just find her unlikable. Is it wrong that I was sorta cheering for the zombie as he chewed his way through the windshield? Oh sure, I knew he wouldn’t be successful, that she would make it out ok, but I won’t deny that I had my hopes. She makes it out of her predicament of course and it serves to propel the Rick/Lori/Shane love triangle towards its coming climax, one that looks like will be resolved soon. That’s later in the episode, let’s get to the far more exciting and satisfying part.

Dave and Tony, the two douchebags from Philly that are now dead on the floor of a small town bar had some friends, friends that are currently surrounding said bar that has Rick, Glen and Herschel inside. Oh everything that happens here is good and what we have been waiting for. The tension has returned as not only are they penned in by gunmen, but there is also (finally) a nice little heard of roamers converging on the bar as well. Rick explains (lies) that Dave and Tony drew first and the shooting was an act of self defense, meanwhile Glen slinks off to fetch the car for an escape. Remember when Maggie told Glen she loved him? Well, apparently that has made a less than capable anti-zombie warrior, we freezes at multiple times in the episode, not wanting to die and hurt Maggie. I get this, I understand this, but I don’t like this. Glen has always represented the complete optimist and been fully capable because of it, now he’s questioning himself and what he does for a girl that a week ago he didn’t care about?

Of the three gunmen, one gets shot by Herschel, one gets away in his pick-up and the other fails at parkour and impales on a wrought iron fence. Here is the best scene in the episode and arguably the best the show has had in many episodes. Rick and crew decide to help a guy that moments ago was shooting at them from atop the local drug store while flesh hungry corpes close in. Herschel declares that amputation is the only solution but as the tension builds and the time runs out, Rick being the take charge kind of guy he is, rips the kids leg free in a cringe worthy scene and we are off.

This is roughly the halgway point of the episode and we do start to trend down a little on the enjoyment factor. I’m not saying only the dangerous situations are enjoyable, but we quickly take a downward swing to the farm and everything slowly grinds back to a halt. We revisit the Shane side of the love triangle as he slowly continues to snap. I get where there is going, I know where the writers are sending us, can we just get to already. Shane is going to be leaving the cast soon, it’s clear that the violent end to his love for Lori is on the way and his shaky grip on reality isn’t helping. Shane wonderfully blurts out to everyone about Lori and (?)’s unborn baby, Carl says that if it’s a girl they should name it Sophia. Yes we are quickly running though a few things here.

All and all it was a great episode, like I said before, probably the best we’ve seen in a long while. Shane is starting to crack big time, things are finally starting to polarize and the general darkness of the situation is starting to settle in for the characters. When Shane finally has his ‘you love me’ moment with Lori, you start to feel the darkness that is settling in, and (even I) feel sorry for Lori. By the time the Glen, Rick and Herschel make their way back with Randal in tow… Everything fires up on every angle.

Thank you, Walking Dead, at long last the endless talking seems to make sense.

Next week, ‘Miles Out’.

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