Yesterday Doctor Who began filming season seven and we’ve got our first look from the set as well as a few casting announcements. Above is the first official image to be released and below you can see a few shots of the cast on set. Nothing too revealing of course, they’ve only been filming for a day. Though, I do love seeing real, solid evidence Doctor Who is currently happening in Cardiff.

See, not much is really spoiled, but you do have to wonder who Mark Williams, known to many as Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter films, is playing? Many are guessing Rory’s dad and I think that’s a fair assumption. What do you think?

Also joining the cast is another Harry Potter alum, David Bradley, who played Argus Filch in that series, as well as Rupert Graves who was most recently seen on the BBC’s (and oh-so coincidentally Steven Moffat‘s) Sherlock. No word yet on what roles they’ll be playing, but Huzzah! to more awesome actors joining Doctor Who. I really hope Doctor Who is becoming that TV show Brit stars are all clamoring for a guest spot on.

Filming is expected to continue until late in the year and while we’re hoping new episodes will be airing this fall nothing official has been said. Stay tuned for more filming updates and official announcements on Who‘s return. When we know, you’ll know.

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