News for the CW‘s pilot, Arrow, based on DC’s character Green Arrow, is simply rolling in. Last week we learned Susanna Thompson, David Ramsey, and Katie Cassidy had joined the cast as Ollie’s mother, security expert John Diggle, and Dinah “Laurel” Lance respectively. We also has the chance to read an early review of the pilot script. All in all, things seem to be moving quickly for the proposed series.

Today it was announced Colin Donnell has been cast as Green Arrow’s best friend turned worst enemy, Tommy Merlyn. I was surprised to read the villain Merlyn and Ollie’s friend Tommy were to be one in the same with this series, but I’m sure the change was made to amp the drama. This is a CW show, if it doesn’t have an unprecedented amount of drama the kids won’t watch.

In addition to this bit of casting news, Stephen Amell, your new Green Arrow, updated his Facebook page with a video answering fan’s questions. Here’s a breakdown from Comic Book Movie,

1:00 – He describes the training process for Arrow.
3:58 – Describes the pilot process that Arrow will most likely go through.
5:18 – Switching to a gluten and dairy free diet in preparation for Arrow.
6:38 – Stephen reveals that he has seen his Arrow gear (costume).
14:20 – His thoughts on the casting announcements of late, and he believes there is still one more major role to be filled.

You’ll notice he’s wearing a hat and many are presuming he’s hiding his new blonde locks, or he’s just cold, who knows. I’m happy to say I like what an easy-going guy he seems to be, hopefully he’ll bring his down to earth nature to the character of Oliver Queen.

What are your impressions of Amell? Think he’ll make a good Green Arrow?

Source: Comic Book Movie (2)

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