Who wouldn’t love to find a fantastic stash of comics buried in a closet or attic. Recently the great nephew of Billy Wright  found 345 comics neatly stacked in a closet in Virginia.

The books included Action Comics #1. Detective Comics #27. Captain America #2. All American Comics #16. Batman #1. Marvel Comics #1.

45 of the books found in that closet are considered some of the most collectible comics of all time. The conditions vary, from a CGC 3.0 Action Comics, to the CGC 8.5 Batman.

The lucky nephew didn’t realize the value until he mentioned the comics to a co-worker months later, specifically the cover of Captain America #2. That conversation prompted a quick run to the local comic shop for a Price Guide, and some hefty math that must have made the family quite excited.

So up for auction today from Heritage, the “Billy Wright” collection, named after its original owner, is expected to sell for over two million dollars.

Via: Bleedingcool

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