People seem to have a habit of associating big heads with big intelligence, and the world of comic books is certainly no exception.  While some individual heroes and villains are lucky enough to only have to give up their hair for added brain-power, some of them are stuck with gigantic melons which will forever impair their ability to get a proper date or successfully navigate narrow doorways.  In fact, many of these poor bastards are pretty much nothing but head.

To their credit, however, comic-books would be much less colorful without them poking their giant noses into other people’s affairs.  So, without further ado, here are 10 of the most abnormally immense craniums that writers and artists have blessed the world with throughout the years.

#10 – Sinestro

Real Name – none

FA – Green Lantern v2 #7

Powers of his Head – None!

Sporting a forehead that puts Christopher Lambert to shame, Sinestro is a classic good-guy-gone-bad.  Once considered hot shit when it came to being a member of the Green Lantern Corps, he traded in his green ring for yellow and now struggles to put the smack-down on his former allies.  Apparently, all that power went to his head (where it was stored in abundance).

#9 – The Gremlin

Real Name – Kondrati Topolov

First Appearance – Incredible Hulk #163

Powers of his Head – Big Brain

The son of one of the Hulk’s first enemies, the Gargoyle, the Gremlin proves the old adage, “Like father, like son.”  He inherited his big-headedness and superior intelligence from dad and then used it, in family tradition, to try to beat up the Hulk.  He likes to build cool things with his big brain, since he doesn’t have any proper super-powers.  This resulted in bad times for Gremlin when he accidently managed to blow himself to pieces.

#8 – Karnak the Inhuman

Real Name – Karnak

FA – Fantastic Four #45

Powers of his Head – Self-Discipline, Spotting Weak-points

Born of Inhuman stock, Karnak spent his early years being trained like a crazy ninja.  The end result was a physically and mentally superior being that puts Chuck Norris to shame.  This big brain is not just a repository for knowledge, but helps Karnak to focus his fighting skills, thereby making him much cooler than most on this list.  Initially, Karnak picked a few fights with the Fantastic Four, but has since chilled out and works for the good guys.

#7 – Multi-Man

Real Name – Duncan Pramble

FA – Challengers of the Unknown #14

Powers of his Head – It’s a craps shoot.

Poor Duncan Pramble was once an ordinary fella, until he wandered into a temple and decided to partake of the holy sacrament.  Well, it may not have been that holy, but after drinking his fill he ended up becoming immortal (the same way many do after imbibing a little too much).  As a result of his bender, he ended up with a gargantuan nugget, pointy ears and a little girly-man body.  To make matters worse, every time he dies he comes back with different powers.  Luckily, DC has not explored the possibility of him gaining the pass-gas-nonstop ability.

#6 – The Leader

Real name – Samuel Sterns

FA – Tales to Astonish #62

Powers of his Head – Super Brain, with a light helping of Telekinesis and Telepathy

Working as a wage-slave at the local chemical plant in Boise, Idaho, poor Samuel Sterns was subjected to an explosion which gave him a fat dose of gamma radiation.  This ended up also giving him a fat head and green skin.  He has since spent most of his time building robots and attempting to beat on the Hulk.  As part of Marvel’s commitment to recycling, the Leader has been killed and brought back on more than one occasion.

#5 – Hector Hammond

Real Name – unknown

FA – Green Lantern v2 #5

Powers of his Head – Big Brain, Psionic Powers

Hector Hammond was just an average Joe until he found a crazy meteor that sped up evolution.  After testing it out a bit, he finally got the bright idea to use it on himself.  This, of course, gave him the enormous melon that he sports to this day.  Though his newfound smarts brought him all sorts of neat powers, they do not seem to have given him the ability to come up with a better name.  Unfortunately, like many of these big-headed folks, he has a hard time getting around and is a big investor in advanced Rascal technology.  Hammond currently spends his time trying, unsuccessfully, to kill the Green Lantern.

#4 – The Watcher

Real Name – Uatu

FA – Fantastic Four #13

Powers of the Head – Mad Psionics, Energy Transformation, Immortal

The universe’s ultimate voyeur is also one of the universe’s most encephalitic aliens.  Mostly, Uatu just hangs out at his flat on the moon, peeking into people’s private lives and psionically hijacking pornography, though he has been known to get into a scrape or two.  Technically, his race is just supposed to sit around and record things, but he has a tendency to get involved, eventually become good pals with all sorts of Earthly super-heroes.

 #3– M.O.D.O.K. 

Real Name – George Tarleton

FA – Tales of Suspense #93

Powers of his Head – Smarti-ness, Psionic Powers, Laser Beams from his head

When old George got his job with A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics), helping to conquer the world and kill superheroes, he must have been on top of the world.  Unfortunately, they forgot to mention that the benefits package included a free super-evil enhancement, complete with giant-ass head side effect.  After living out every man’s lifelong dream of murdering their boss and coworkers, M.O.D.O.K. (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing… wonder how long it took them to think that one up) decided to take over the company and plot his own brand of world conquest, occasionally running rampant in a giant robot body.

#2 – Egg Fu

Real Name – unknown

FA – Wonder Woman #157

Powers of his Head – Brains, Moustache Attack, Racial Stereotype Enhancement

Egg Fu is a Chinese communist agent, dedicated to destroying the free world of capitalism and all that it stands for.  He also happens to be a giant egg, complete with racist dialogue and a (WTF???) giant grappling moustache.  Despite their apparent mescaline addiction, Wonder Woman writers managed to bring Egg Fu back in several incarnations, though thankfully not that much.


#1 – Kree Supreme Intelligence

Real Name – Supremor

FA – Fantastic Four #65

Powers of his Head – Crazy amounts of Psionics

Millions of years old, created by the Kree to help them fight their enemies the Skrulls, Supremor is, quite literally, composed of a pile of dead brains looted from other smart Kree and looped together into a funky organic supercomputer.  This, of course, gives him the form of a 25-foot tall head.  Originally created to just help out, Supremor eventually graduated to god-like status.  Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of blowing things up – including billions of his own people.


*EDITORS NOTE: Special thanks to Nerd Bastards contributor Jason McAnelly for thinking (no pun intended) up this list.

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