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These are some fantastic reinterpretations of Batman’s most villainous gal pals, Poison Ivy  and Harley Quinn. You could call them steampunk, or Victorian, or saloon girl, or a mix of all three, but either they are fabulous and sexy. (Geek Tyrant)


Hmm, so what am I if I like both video games and Shark Week? Or every single one of those movies. And I look more of the Hipster music than Geek music. AAHHH! I having such an identity crisis now! (Geek Tyrant)

Do you want to play a game? How about Thermo Nuclear War…or whatever the quote from War Games is. Have you ever imagined what it’d be like to drop a nuke either in your hometown or some other really populated city? What would the fallout be? Now you can! Safely too! So, y’know, you won’t actually kill thousands of innocent people. Try out Nukemap from Alex Wellerstein. It’s like Google Maps with bombs. Have fun! (io9)

Because this post needed more Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. And a bit more Supergirl. Harley surprised Supergirl at Megacon with that ensemble, and this entrancing Poison Ivy costume is only body paint and liquid latex! (Fashionably Geek, 2)


Batman deals with a missed delivery note in his usual, excessive fashion. Don’t understand why Alfred wasn’t home to accept the package, what the fuck is a butler for if they’re not home when you’re not home!? (Bleeding Cool)

Simon Pegg and Karl Urban are currently busy filming Star Trek 2, but they didn’t forget to wish 2000 AD a very special Happy Birthday. So special because it comes from Dredd himself! Or at least Karl Urban’s chin, which makes up a large portion of Dredd. Also, hey, you get to hear his Dredd voice! (Bleeding Cool)

So you missed out on Gallifrey One last weekend, did ya? Boo-hoo. I did too, and it blows! But fret no longer because Athena Stamos from Crave Online collected a bunch of interviews and great video from the con for you to enjoy. It’s almost like you’re there! Even though you weren’t. Special guests include: Paul McGann, Louise Jameson, Mark Sheppard, Eric Roberts, and Grant Imahara. (The Mary Sue)

The Simpsons recently crossed one hell of a milestone, their 500th episode! That’s insane! To celebrate in their opening sequence they replayed every couch gag, ever. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, it’s been slowed down so we can relive each one. (TDW)


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