The Walking Dead is enjoying a wonderful return to television, breaking all sorts of cable viewership ratings and delivering some of the most shocking moments thus far. And we’re loving every gruesome moment.

IGN snagged an exclusive chat with comic book creator and executive producer, Robert Kirkman and you can check out the video right here. He talks about the Shane/Rick conflict on the horizon, if and when we’ll see Michonne or the Governor, and he spends a good chunk of time discussing the divergences the series is making from the comics. As a faithful reader of the comic the unexpected twists and turns of TV series have been both exciting and frustrating. Mostly because I don’t know what’s coming! No one does! And that loss of control is fun but so infuriating.

Do I need to remind you of spoilers? ‘Cause they’re here if you’re not caught up with the TV show.

There’s no denying delving into alternate possibilities is cool, but I think there should still be constants between the comics and show. What do you think about some the more drastic changes from the comics being made on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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