Last night The Oscars happened. Some people watched, a lot of other people didn’t. Hey, The Walking Dead was on, do you expect me to wait around for the 11:00pm replay? Eff that. If you, like I, missed out on Academy Awards we recapped the good bits over here.

But something even more important happened last nigh. Jimmy Kimmel debuted the trailer for his secret movie project, and it’s a trailer for the greatest movie ever (that will never be made). Why? Once you watch it you’ll think of thousands of obvious reasons, but I think most likely it is simply too awesomely, amazingly incredible to exist.

It’s a movie about everything starring basically everyone, Movie: The Movie.

Give me a film like that and I’ll not only go to a theatre and pay to watch it, but I’ll watch every, useless award show it’s featured on.

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