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ABOVE: Arya Stark, all grown up. With tattoos! Knowing Arya I don’t think she’d really be seen in a dress if she could manage it, but a giant sword? Yeah, that sounds like her. Visit TDW: Geek for the whole beautiful photo shoot.


What. The. Fuck?! It’s a fake Apple store now complete with its own fake, dead Steve Jobs. Really, people!? (Reddit)


Movies have taught us so much,

These are the facts of life people, because if there’s one thing movies have also taught us, everything turns out like it does in the movies! (Geek Tyrant)


Damn, does that little astromech have a dirty mouth on him or what? (Nerd Approved)


Because if you’re going to dress up your dog at least give ’em something cool to wear. Marvel in offering a new line of doggie tees and bandanas. If you’ve got a favorite Marvel hero chances are they got something for pooch to wear. I’m not kidding, check out Fashionably Geek for over 15 different designs!

Every director has a staple shot, a kind of shot that appears numerous times in many of their films. For Quentin Tarantino it’s shots filmed from below. Don’t believe me? Well, then it’s handy I’ve come across this compilation of his filmed from below shots by Kogonada. Hmm, he’s got a real penchant for filming from inside trunks, what does that mean? (Laughing Squid)

Sweded movies are great. What’s even better is when you get kids to swede them. Even better better when you have two kids reenacting the famous battle between King Arthur and the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Adorable absurdity ensues. (TDW: Geek)

I’m pretty surprised it took this long for someone to make the inevitable Super Mario Bros. parody of Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games.” Shit, it’s right there in the title! Thanks to musical comedian Jenny Bede we can listen to Princess Peach’s lament about the man who got away, and his loser brother she’s now stuck with. I think you know the dudes I’m talking about. (TDW: Geek)

Katsucon was a con for incredible cosplay. We’ve already been featuring many of the amazing costumes from the con and now thanks to YouTuber Acksoni we’ve got a three part video of all the best cosplay. Part one is here, head to Fashionably Geek for parts two and three.


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