When it comes to merchandising no brand does it better than Star Wars. Admit it, you own something you have absolutely no use for only because Darth Vader’s face was on it. There’s a Star Wars version of everything: toothbrushes, cookie cutters, clothing, bedding, you could basically stock a department store with only Star Wars products. Actually, why the hell has no one done this?

But some of the strangest Star Wars products were never made. These projects died in development and were assumed to never see the light of day. Until now. Jason Geyer helped in the planning of many of these never-created products and he’s released the designs for us to check out.

Below are a few I’m bummed never became reality (An inflatable Palpatine chair!?! You’ve gotta be kidding me! I would have bought dozens). Visit Action Figure Insider for all the shelved Star Wars products.

What’s really weird is that some of these toys did become reality, in some fashion. Today there are Yoda backpacks and Han Solo in carbonite molds. Wonder where they got their inspiration?

Which Star Wars tie-in are you bummed never happened?

Source: Geek Tyrant

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