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ABOVE: What a kick ass Wasp cosplay! I’m a little sad we won’t see Wasp in The Avengers. Well, actually, Wasp can pretty annoying but when you’re looking for women on The Avengers you’re definitely limited. Which is probably why they went with Black Widow. And she’s just a party a minute! Ok. Not really. She’s hot but boring. What is with these lame Marvel chicks!? Still, excellent photography by jaytablante and excellent  cosplay from  Riki LeCotey. (Fashionably Geek)


Marvel really wants your dog to be a fan. Yesterday we shared their line of doggie apparel from new partner, Fetch. Today it’s dog toys! Admit it, you kind of want that Hulk fist just so you can get pictures of your dog being punch by Hulk then chewing his arm off. (Nerd Approved)


Somehow I can’t imagine Lucasfilm would ever approve of these Star Wars rolling papers, but that hopefully won’t stop them becoming reality. There’s tons of illegal Star Wars merch out there, why not a way to make lightsaber joints! Dude, it really helps you feel the Force. (io9)


Can’t say I’ve ever seen a Bib Fortuna tattoo before. That is some serious fan devotion. (Fashionably Geek)


This is pretty frickin’ amazing. It’s an 11×7 print of the TARDIS recreated with all of your favorite Doctor Who quotes. You can own one, too! For only $25 bucks you can pick one up on Etsy. Do you have anything better to decorate you walls with? No, so get one. (Blastr)


Is it just me or are Apple’s invitations getting a whole lot creepier? Man, things are getting super weird over there without Steve Jobs. (@brad_frost)


You probably heard about the huge fuss over Angelina Jolie’s leg and her ridiculous posing at the Oscars. Well, in true internet fashion Angelina Jolie’ing has become a meme. There’s even a devoted Tumblr blog! Now the posing fad is super popular, even among Sith lords. (Neatorama)


Joerg Sprave, the dude who makes all those incredible and sometimes deadly slingshots is back and this time he’s bringing anime to life. In this video Sprave demonstrates his latest creation, the Kabuto used by Usopp (AkA Sogeking) in the series, One Piece. Needless to say he makes it more badass than I believe the original creators could have imagined. (You Bent My Wookie)

Finally, we recently shared the trailer for Jimmy Kimmel’s, Movie: The Movie. It’s the, sadly, fake movie about everything starring literally everyone. Here’s the making of video which might be even more entertaining than the trailer. (Laughing Squid)


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