Comic Icon Stan Lee is the maker, the master, the dreamer of dreams. It’s absolutely necessary that the man cameo in blockbuster movies based on his creations. Fortunately, his slicked hair, well groomed mustache and the rest of his old man swagger, has indeed been a presence in many comic-book films (check out this montage of Lee’s cameos) . However, what about video game adaptations? Where’s the Polygonal love? Yes, I know Polygon-base graphics are so 1990, but you get my point. Stan “The Man’ Lee should be in every video game adaptation of movies based on his creation! ‘Nuff said!

Well, it looks like times are a changin’, because Mr. Lee is finally getting some playable character love.

At the London Super Comic Convention, Lee revealed that players will be able to control him in The Amazing Spider-Man, developed by Activision Blizzard subsidiary Beenox.

It’s not yet clear whether you’ll be able to play the whole game as Lee, or whether he’ll just be available in some kind of DLC bonus mission. It’s also not known whether Stan the Man will have the same powers as his creation, or have moves of his own.

The Amazing Spider-Man game is due out June 26th.

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