Tim Burton Talks ‘Dark Shadows’, If You Care

We know he has Frankenweenie on the way and he is producing (and making weird ass introductions for) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but you may have forgotten Tim Burton is also making a Dark Shadows movie this year. The reason why I assume you have forgotten is we have seen next to nothing about the movie, and it comes out on the 11th of May. No trailer, no poster, just a handful of stills of Johnny Depp looking like a second cousin of the Adams Family.

Well, apparently the horror magazine, HorrorHound,  caught up with Burton and he talked a bit about the movie. When asked why he took the project, he said “The reason I liked Dark Shadows was that it was a weird family story. It just happened to have supernatural qualities to it.”  If you don’t know, Dark Shadows was originally a gothic soap opera that ABC aired between ’66 and 71 that earned a cult following and has had two previous (horrible) attempts at being revived.

They also asked Burton about the marketing of the film, more specifically if it will be marketed as a comedy (à la Burton’s Beetlejuice) to which he responded “It’s news to me… I always start things with the most serious of intentions. I sometimes find humour in things that aren’t funny and vice versa.” If I can chime in here for a second, how about marketing this thing at all? Something? I know nothing about it other than it’s probably going to be all tim-burtony.

Feel free to eviscerate me in the comments below, but I find myself wondering why we should care at this point. I would call myself a fan of Burton’s work for the most part, hey I love weird ass s#!t and he has that market cornered in spades. Follow me here before you start flaming. It is based of a rather loved, but rather forgotten TV show (I have seen a handful of episodes, I will admit it was lost on me) and the production is supported from a fanboyish nature for both Burton and Depp (who plays Barnabas Collins, a character he admits he was obsessed with as a kid and ‘want to be’, which isn’t creepy at all).

I guess what I am getting at here is this really feels like the drama geeks at school are working on something we  totally wouldn’t get so why even bother letting us see what the damn thing is. I want to say I am interested in this movie, but I kinda want to see what this movie is first.

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