If you couldn’t figure this one out from the title, don’t read the following article if you’d like to remain unspoiled about the rest of The Walking Dead season two. Seriously.

Okay, this is a rumor most fans have been convinced of for some time. If you’ve read the comic you’ve been patiently waiting for this to happen. Hell, even if you’ve only been following AMC‘s television show I’m sure you’ll be excited by the news.

Shane will die this season.


Amazon is who we can thank for finally confirming our suspicions. Turns out when they added the page for season two’s Blu-ray box set they included a list of special features. Some of those extras will be “the making of the barn,” “an extended zombie gut scene,” AND  “Shane’s last episode.” BAM! Look at it, right there, no more Shane!

Again, this isn’t too surprising. Shane dies at the end of issue six in the comic books, actor Jon Bernthal is reportedly joining former showrunner Frank Darabont on his new project, L.A. Noir, and Shane’s become such an annoying and wasted character he just needs to die for the sake of quality. Of course maybe Shane’s last episode only means Shane leaves the group like he’s been threatening forever. Nah. I think he bites the bullet.

Also, you might remember a little while back we shared a rumor from someone supposedly associated with the production which basically outlined Shane’s upcoming demise. I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty damn likely now. The only real mystery left is how will he die? Will it be like the comic books (Oh please, oh please, oh please!) or the bullshit, cop-out way described by that rumor?

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