It’s long been a staple of the genre, the desperate dash to escape the cannibalistic corpses that hunger for your flesh. If you get caught, you lose that flesh to their gnashy teeth ripping it off your bones. There has to be a better way. Well, now there is! Introducing “Zombies, Run!, the iPhone app that is half audio adventure, half exercise motivator.

Here’s how it works. Using the magic of maps, it takes your location and plots out a route that will be filled with various tasks and missions based around you being ‘Runner 5’ in a post zombie apocalypse world. You’ll gather supplies from real life locations while avoiding hoards of the living dead and get a good work out in the process!

I have to say, as much as I abhor actual physical exercise, this is a fantastic nerd based idea. It looks like there are enough missions to keep it interesting and help nerd-up a daily jog. If you have an iPhone you can purchase it here, Android users will get theirs in the spring and if you have a Blackberry, well… you have a Blackberry, you don’t get nice things.

Hit the jump to watch a marketing video that shows off Zombies, Run!‘s awesomeness,  and before you ask, no… it doesn’t look like you can cap a fellow jogger in the knee to gain some time. I assume they are leaving that for an update.

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