Sexy Cosplay of The Week- Chouzuki Maryou

- 03-02-12Cosplay, Featured Posted by Luke Gallagher

It’s Friday afternoon cosplay fans and we all know what that means! Another round of missing that “important” business meeting for some one on one time with yourself and this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week. You supply your own roses, lotions, candles… whatever you need really, we won’t judge.

This week we travel to the mecha (see what we did there) of cosplay that is Japan and visit Tokyo’s very own Chouzuki Maryou, one of the rare “erotic” cosplayers to be featured here on Nerd Bastards. Prep the tissues people… your going to need them for the tears in your eyes.

Chouzuki knows that being a sexy cosplayer isn’t just fitting into a skin tight leather suit and having the body of a cheerleader, she’s built to handle the costumes all these other ladies are to scared to pull off. With her accentuated frame and the looks of a runway model, this 23 year old is far more mature then she let’s on. Just check out Chouzuki’s jaw dropping Lulu of Final Fantasy X fame or Darkstalkers’ sexual succubus Morrigan Aensland.

This voluptuous erotic-cosplayer has been making inroads amongst those aficionados of sexy cosplay with volume, especially when it comes to Queen’s Blade, and with breasts that weigh in at 4kg (almost 9lbs), volume is certainly something she is no short supply of.

Prepare yourself, and hit the jump for a peak at everything she has to offer.


Check out more of Chouzuki’s Facebook or personal (translated) hompage for more, but some of her stuff is 18+ so fair warning people.

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