On Dr. Who he was deluded into thinking he was the titular character but in season 3 of The Walking Dead former faux-Doctor David Morrissey knows he is ‘The Governor’. Comic readers know the character to be the largest threat and greatest villain Rick and company ever faced. With the addition of him to season 3 the intense AMC series expectations are high and if Robert Kirkman has his way, he and AMC won’t skip on the nasty.

According to Kirkman, who sat down for an exclusive with MTV News, discussed his feelings for Morrissey filling in coveted role:

“I think he’s really going to knock it out of the park. He has tremendous scale and scope to his acting abilities. I think people are going to be shocked and amazed by the things we do with the Governor in season three. I think people are going to quickly realize that David Morrissey is an awesome guy for the role…More than any other actor, David Morrissey came in and wanted to embrace everything that there is to the Governor. He knew this is a complicated character, and he knew this was a character that people are going to hate to love.”

If this interview with Robert could be put into a situational man-date between him and David it would already be the morning after- and Robert would be giving this man breakfast in bed. Robert has so much faith in this crazy Brit it’s almost sickening, but it’s not because of his past history on the small screen.

“He recognized that this character is a villain. A lot of people came in and were like, ‘But he’s a good guy inside, right?’ They want that nuance, and that’s definitely important. We definitely have that. The Governor isn’t a one-note character; there are a lot of layers to that onion. But this is a sadistic guy. David Morrissey, more than any other actor, really wanted to sink his teeth into that role. He wants to embrace everything there is about the Governor.”

As for how The Governor on the show will blend with his comic book counterpart, Kirkman promised that he’ll be as violent as AMC will let them.  Kirkman even went as far to say The Governor will not be “neutered” like other villains on television.

In the comic, the Governor is one sick mother capable of going to extremes to stay in control of this “new world” he’s carving out. He’s cold, calculating and quick to murder anyone in his way to maintain his own sick agenda. It will be interesting to see how he translates from the page to the small screen.

Season 2 of the Walking Dead may have been one filled with tension and lost hope from what we’ve seen so far, but with The Governor on board season 3 might make Dexter look like a PBS kids show.

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