What would happen if you merged Super Mario Bros with Portal? A little bit of awesome that’s what! Fortunately, that’s just what the fine folks over at Stabyourself have done with Mari0, and you can download it for free right now.

In addition to all the platformer/puzzle fun, Mari0 supports up to 4 players in online multiplayer, comes with a level editor, hats, and a plethora of other extras. Here’s the complete list:

  • Complete recreation of SMB
  • Elements from Portal
  • Portal gun that shoots portals
  • 4-player simultaneaous [sic] coop
  • Level Editor that was used to create the levels in the game
  • 33 different hats
  • Downloadable Mappacks
  • Game modifiers for extra fun

I don’t even know what to say about this. This game is just nuts,  wow. I’ve already died 20 times on the first level, just because the portal gun distracted me way too much.

There’s a quick view of what you’ll have in store in the teaser video below. Kudos to the makers for splicing in clips from The Wizard.

Source: Stabyourself

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