Superheroes basically dominate our pop culture right now. They’re everywhere! In our movies, on our televisions, on our clothes, in our food! They’re taking over! Good thing they’re the good guys, right?

While, yes, The Avengers is going to blow up the superhero scene there’s still Iron Man 3 on its way. Iron Man 2 may have been a bit of a letdown, but there are still high hopes for a third solo outing for Tony Stark. Reports are they’ve begun set construction on their first location in Wilmington, North Carolina, so hopefully this means filming can start soon! The info comes via, who are also reporting on the movie’s working title,

Iron Man 3 is currently in pre-production under the code name “Caged Heat.” has reporters on-site in Wilmington, North Carolina where Iron Man 3 is scheduled to film at EUE/Screen Gems Studios. We’re hearing reports that set construction has already begun. As far as filming, we’re still hearing the target for initial filming will be very early May (with a possibility of late April). Even though Iron Man 3 has been officially announced as filming in Wilmington, the code name “Caged Heat” is still being used by various sources in the local Wilmington film industry.

Ha! Caged Heat. That’s a funny title, can they just keep it for the flick? As a tagline maybe? See, the cage is the Iron Man suit and, oh, you get it? Okay…


Next up, with Halloween only a mere 34 weeks away it’s about time we’ve had our first look at the officially licensed The Dark Knight Rises costumes. These are being labeled as protoypes but judging by their cheap-looking quality and the few incorporated character elements that give you  some idea what the costume is supposed to be, I’m thinking these are pretty close to the final products.


These photos have floating around for a few days but we haven’t had a chance to share ’em with you yet. But who’s going to argue about another chance to see How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulder‘s as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Maria Hill? No one, good, that’s what I thought.

What do you think her role will be in The Avengers? We haven’t seen much of her besides these photos and I believe one shot of her in all of the trailers.

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