Right now I’m guessing you’re sitting at work, twiddling your thumbs, trying you damndest to look busy but you just can’t. You’ve got one thing and one thing only on your mind: kickin’ reaper ass and taking Earth back. That’s right, tomorrow, or for some 12am tonight, Mass Effect 3 releases.

In the meantime we’ve got some very pretty trailers to stop you from staring at the clock for a little while. First is the official launch trailer followed by the first cinematic trailer but this time with 100% more FemShep!

Fuck yeah, FemShep! (How much do you wanna bet there’s already a Tumblr for that? Well, you’d be right.)

We won’t be hearing much from anyone playing ME3 until they finish the game. So please, if you have any loved ones who will be getting a copy of ME3, tell ’em you love them now, who knows when you’ll be able to talk or see them again.

Sources: Geekologie, The Mary Sue

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