Last Saturday morning DC Nation premiered on Cartoon Network and as far as I know it was a success. I don’t have cable so I’ve had to uh, y’know, watch the ‘toons through other means. Along with new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animates Series and Young Justice the programming block also included new animated shorts. They showed a Plastic Man short and a Batman short from Aardman Animation which we’ve previewed before. Did you catch DC Nation? What did you think?

To promote the other new shorts DC released these behind-the-scenes videos to USA Today featuring the creative teams behind Super Best Friends Forever and Thunder and Lightning. We’ve already shared some info as well as character designs for Super Best Friends Forever, and Lauren Faust‘s cartoon about supergirls kickin’ butt is easily the most anticipated of the shorts so of course we want to learn more. Also in these videos is director/writer/producer Lynell Forestall discussing Thunder and Lightning, which will follow Black Lightning raising his two super-powered daughters.

Sadly, neither of these video show us any footage, but I still enjoyed hearing what they had to say. Here’s hoping one of these shorts premieres this weekend!

Source: Comics Alliance

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