Bill & Ted’s Mid-Life Crisis

After more than 20 years off the screen, it looks like Bill & Ted may be coming back for another round of attempting to save the world by traveling through time.  The latest rumors appear to be more than just rumors, as both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter (that’s the other guy) have been commenting that the script for Bill & Ted 3 is done and looks good.

Bill & Ted’s adventures started Excellent in 1989 and turned Bogus in 1991, with some added storyline coming in the form of an animated series, a horrible live-action television show (sans Reeves and Winter) and a comic book.  The latest addition will turn the franchise into a trilogy, where it will join the ranks of such classics as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  Oh wait… those are all screwed up now, aren’t they?

Well, regardless of how many films make a trilogy, the question still remains whether these two 40-something actors can bring back the old magic and produce a flick that is going to do more than just make people ill.

The new movie’s plot appears to revolve around finishing the original story by having Bill & Ted write the fabled song that will end up saving the world.  What they save the world from remains to be seen.  One can only hope that they’re not attempting to save it from this film, as they would be a tad too late.

Both actors have expressed interest in doing a third film, though only if the script was acceptable.  Winter isn’t doing much else these days, so it’s understandable that he’d give the green light.  And Reeves?  Well, how good does a script have to be for him to jump on board?

Despite the thumbs up from the Excellent duo, there still remains the possibility that this potential abortion never makes it to production.  Seriously, how many people want to see two middle-aged dudes acting borderline mentally handicapped while attempting to save the world?  Oh wait, that’s most of the movie-viewing audience in America, isn’t it?  If Bruce Willis can make 47 Die Hard films, Reeves and Winter certainly deserve a chance to try their hands at another B&T extravaganza.

On the plus side for Reeves, this may be his big chance to finally win that Oscar, reprising the role that made him a household name and, as a result, tolerable enough to be cast in dozens of other films.  Or maybe not.

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*EDITORS NOTE: Special thanks to Nerd Bastards contributor Jason McAnelly for covering today’s “Most Excellent” news.

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