Sony tried going the Venom route once before.  At the time, Hunger Games director Gary Ross was set to direct it. Suffice to say, it never panned out. But with the new Amazing Spider-Man on the horizon and a new director shopping around for more superhero film cred, our gooey-fluid antihero may just ooze his way into theaters in the future.

The Los Angeles Times reports Sony is in negotiations with Chronicle director Josh Trank to helm a new Venom movie.

According to the LA Times article, Sony refused to comment but their anonymous source said the script would not be the same one Ross was developing several years back.

After years of being a fair-weather fan of Spider-Man, I was in rapture to find out long before the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 that one of the nemeses in the film would be none other than my hulking black love (aka Venom). Suffice to say, I was massively disappointed. I mean, come on, Topher Grace’s Venom was terrible – a tiny dude with a retracting ooze mask and pussy persona? Suck my farts, that wasn’t Venom.

Well, now I can rejoice in that fact that our tyrant – known in the SM series for his deep hissing voice desiring to eat Spidey’s brain –  will get another shot.

And if we can kick Topher to the curb and get us a monstrous, good spinoff of Venom struggling against his evil impulses while ultimately remaining a drooling, hissing, demon-turned good-guy… Maybe the fans won’t take to the streets and burn the town down.

In regards to this Josh Trank fellow? Well, lets just say I have my “not bad” face on. The dude impressed me with his film Chronicle. It had more superhero action than most big name comic book movies with much larger budgets. So, I’d say he’s more than competent to take on Venom.

Lastly, who do you think should play Eddie Brock/Venom? While his acting has never been tested outside a wrestling arena, I always thought Brock Lesnar looked the part. What say you?

Source: LA Times


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